Update: Final Programme

Preliminary Programme

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Technical Sessions

  • ISRSE-36 has called for papers on the following themes:
  • Agriculture and Food Security [AGRI]
  • Forests, Biodiversity and Terrestrial Ecosystems [BIOD]
  • Atmosphere, Weather and Climate [ATMC]
  • Natural Disasters Monitoring, Warning and Response [DISA]
  • Energy and Geology [ENGY]
  • Water Cycle [WACY]
  • Marine and Coastal Environment, Resources and Dynamics [MARI]
  • Polar and Cold Regions [POLA]
  • Socioeconomic Issues including Health, Urbanization and Human Heritage [SOCI]
  • Data and Information Systems and Spatial Data Infrastructures [DATA]
  • Airborne and Innovative Remote Sensing Platforms and Techniques [SENS]
  • National, Regional and International Programs including Education and Outreach [PROG].

The 36th ISRSE Technical Programme Committee has accepted a total of 718 papers. Over 480 of these are scheduled as oral presentations organized in 64 oral sessions, occupying some 90 timeslots of 90 minutes with 5-6 presentations each. The other abstracts have been scheduled as poster presentations and will be organized in 4 dedicated poster sessions.

Oral presentations (max 15 minutes including questions) will be thematically grouped and conducted in up to eight parallel sessions. Poster presentations will take place during dedicated poster sessions in the conference schedule.

Please note: Authors must register before 25 March 2015 to guarantee their contribution being included in the final programme. According to ISRSE policy, only papers presented at ISRSE-36 will be published in the ISRSE Proceedings.

To increase the science impact of the ISRSE-36, it is planned to publish selected papers in a Special Issue of the “ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing”. Details on this Special issue and the selection of contributions will be available shortly before the Symposium.

Plenary Sessions

In addition to the technical sessions, the conference will see five plenary sessions (one each day). These sessions are intended to address more strategic issues in Remote Sensing of the Environment. Numerous high-ranking experts and leaders in Remote Sensing have already confirmed their participation and will ensure interesting insights and visionary discussions.

Side Events

A couple of side events on special themes will complement the symposium programme. Different workshops and other meetings related to Remote Sensing of the environment are being planned. Please note there is still some room available. If you are interested please contact the symposium management at ISRSE36@dlr.de.